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Download Darkness Reborn 1.1.2 Mod Apk creating a unique hero and explore the vast land and basement countless in this fantastic world. Intense war. Beat a strong opponent and get a decent reward in this Android game. Choosing among different classes such as warriors, or mage. Completing various tasks and develop your character. Darkness Reborn 1.1.2 Cheat Money Apk Unite with friends and fight powerful bosses dungeon together. Get new weapons and equipment. 3v3 against other players.

1 darkness reborn

What’s New :

1. New Stage! Ladune Desert is now open!
> Journey through the new Ladune Desert and battle its powerful monsters
> You are invited to the beginning of a mystic journey through the Ladune Desert.
2. New Equipment! Wings added!
> Customize your hero with new equipment and wing designs!
> Check out the special wings that can be used from Lv. 1!
3. Challenge yourself for the Max Level!
> Max level increased to 65!
> Level up to enjoy Darkness Reborn even more!

Mega Mod :

5x damage boss raid, pvp, dan elemental dungeon
2x speed semua mode
God mode di semua tapi hanya pvp
Unlimited mana dan no cooldown on skills

Download Darkness Reborn 1.1.2 Mod Apk (Mega Mod) :
Requires : Android 4.0+
Size : 49 MB
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