Battlefield Interstellar v1.0.4 Mod Money Apk

Battlefield Interstellar v1.0.4 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) You, as an elite sniper and soldier in the Imperial Army, have entered the Special Ops section, an specialized unit which enforces the Imperial Law from the shadows. Your mission: combat the Rebel Army, an organization of terrorists which claims to fight for freedom and has destroyed entire cities and killed thousands of civilians.

Battlefield Interstellar v1.0.4 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

– You’re a contract killer sniper.
– Feel the pressure of a sniper or soldier alone facing the enemy
– Endless waves of AI controlled enemies
– Different weapons, with lots of upgrades and customization
– Realistic shooting and reloading of the weapon
– More than 70 carefully designed futuristic scenarios
– Real 3D graphics optimized for a wide variety of devices
– Build your own base and defend it from your enemies!
– Easy to learn, hard to master
– The entire game is TOTALLY FREE.

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battlefield interstellar mod apk

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