Download Slingshot Braves v1.1.21 Mod Apk

Slingshot Braves v1.1.21 Mod Apk Aim for the opponent, pull your character, and fire them off. Predict their movements and strike a powerful blow! The characters will bounce off allies and walls, so use this to your advantage to make powerful combos. Combine your combos to deliver massive damage! Keep playing and you’ll be a pro in no time! Thanks to the marvel of the interwebs, you can enjoy exciting real-time battles with other users! Team up with your friends to challenge strong opponents and get rare items! There are over 200 different items at your disposal to upgrade your character! Get your hands on rare materials to upgrade and evolve your weapons and armor! Create a strong armor that only you possess, and continue your adventure with an advantage!!

Slingshot Braves v1.1.21 Mod Apk


SLINGSHOT BRAVES v1.1.21 [Mod] – –  48.2 MB

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