Ananias Fellowship Edition v1.61 Premium Apk Android

Ananias Fellowship Edition v1.61 Premium Apk Android Every time you play the game will build a new dungeon full of challenges and surprises available for you in 5 different environments inhabited with monsters and ancient marvelous artifacts. There are six various player classes, each one fashioned with an unique play style. Some of them are combat focused while people must rely on the items located on the dungeon to survive.

Ananias Fellowship Edition v1.61 Premium Apk Android

As you advance with the game, you will find over 40 different monsters with unique skills and features, you are able to charm them using magic spells and get them to follow you in your journey; using ancient magic found in the dungeon additionally, you will unlock the powers and skills hidden on their evolved forms.

Unlike classic roguelikes designed to modern media, in Ananias there is no cumbersome movement or complex codes, however all the features from the genre that make the video games fun are kept: turn based combat, random level generation and long term item strategy are among the things that make every adventure into your dungeon enjoyable.


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