Summoners War: Sky Arena 1.5.7 Моd Apk (Damage)

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Summoners War: Sky Arena 1.5.7 Моd Apk (Damage) Wonderful arena battle from the studio Com2uS, created a number of toys of this genre and poimevshaya many excellent reviews. At the beginning of toys that we get at the disposal of his small village and a set of small units, engaging in battles resources and earn money on and what will improve and construct buildings and buildings, each one has its own public value, hire an army, train soldiers.


Summoners War Sky Arena 1.5.7 Моd Apk (Damage)

But the battle is not the only way of development, we can explore the vast world in search of just the right, but there is not enough without confrontation, the game world is populated by four kinds of monsters and monsters. As in similar toys of the developer, Summoners War: Sky Arena has a colorful graph style oriental.


APK [12,82 Mb] 
Data OBB : OBB

Copy to :  sdcard/Android/data

MOD [7,27 Mb]

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