Colossatron v1.0.9 latest MOD Apk [Unlimited Money]

Colossatron v1.0.9 latest MOD Apk [Unlimited Money] Take control of a monster automated snake and crush through urban areas without hardly lifting a finger as you battle to make the most fearsome weapon ever. Your goal is straightforward: DESTROY EVERYTHING! Assemble and shape Colossatron to beat the considerable powers of General Mustache and his military units. Fights will strengthen rapidly as tanks, blast trucks and even elevated planes swarm Colossatron in apparently overpowering numbers. The way to triumph lies in building Colossatron by appending shaded Powercores as they show up.

Colossatron v1.0.9 latest MOD Apk

Diverse hues and unlockable devices can be consolidated to shape greater, badder weapons and more grounded Powercores, with a large number of potential blends. Utilization everything available to you to turn into a definitive Colossatron strategist!


Download Colossatron v1.0.9 latest MOD Apk [Unlimited Money]

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