Standpoint v1.5 Latest Mod Apk + OBB Data

Standpoint v1.5 Latest Mod Apk + OBB Data Outlook is a first-individual riddle platformer where the player has the capacity to change the introduction of the world. Investigate the maze like environment, unraveling riddles and gathering privileged insights, keeping in mind the end goal to defeat the phases of Grief. Also, ask yourself, do the storyteller’s mysterious hints to the world shroud some more profound opinion? With each divider conceivably the floor, exploit the mixture of approaches to approach snags.

Standpoint v1.5 Latest Mod Apk

Transform an unsafe hall of lasers into a straightforward pit. Achievement boundaries as you float through the passages. Indeed, even utilize passing further bolstering your good fortune. At the point when up can turn out to be down at any minute, will you fly or fall?


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