Cinderella Free Fall v1.4.1 Mod Apk (Unlimited Lives/PowerUps)

Cinderella Free Fall v1.4.1 Mod Apk (Unlimited Lives/PowerUps) Inspired by Disney’s new stay action film Cinderella, play as the most iconic princess of them all, connecting and matching luminous butterfly jewels on this FREE puzzle adventure along with 100 dazzling levels! Connect strings of same-colored jewels to generate a match! Create longer lines to unleash Wish Miraculous for powerful effects, and connect jewels inside a circle to release more exciting combos.

Cinderella Free Fall v1.4.1 Mod Apk

Cinderella’s lovable animal friends are wanting to lend a helping palm (or paw)! Send the actual mice Gus and Jacqueline to smash meddlesome Cinder tiles and clear entire columns connected with jewels, or call in butterflies to clear the overall game board of a specific color! Begin as fresh Ella, follow the story and progress through the magical land to see her stunning transformation!


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