Fairy Kingdom HD 1.6.9 Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold/Crystals)

Fairy Kingdom HD 1.6.9 Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold/Crystals) Welcome, my Ruler! Now this is your Fairy Kingdom and you can make it as prosperous and splendid because it was once. Build a magnificent Castle, save a romantic, remove a spell from your mermaid, pacify a monster, feed your citizens, defeat an evil witch in addition to help a prince throughout love! Fairy Kingdom is usually a fairytale about a small Fairy and an nasty Witch, of the success of love over revenge and greed. It’s a tale of heroes and the adventures, royal castles in addition to exploration of new lands. This is a account of mysteries, treasures in addition to magic, but first off, this is your account, Your Majesty.


Download Fairy Kingdom HD 1.6.9 Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold/Crystals) :

Google Play
Requires : Android 2.3+

Size : 49 MB
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