Galaxy War Fighter v1.0.2 Mod Apk (Unlimited Cash)

Galaxy War Fighter v1.0.2 Mod Apk (Unlimited Cash) This is an action game with spacecraft that will explore different planets in the universe, each planet has a different enemy which acts differently. Fly through the space and destroy enemies! Just touch and drag the plane of Space War in any direction to avoid enemy bombs. To shoot, simply click on the missile button. Required skills are more than fast reactions and memorising enemy attack war patterns. The player must also have strategy skills to equip proper upgrades and use the appropriate skills during specific space missions.

Galaxy War Fighter v1.0.2 Mod Apk

How to play:
-Drag the fighter to move.
-Tap the Skill button to release the skill.
-Tap the Shop button to enter the shop.
-Tap the Settings button to display the game setting interface.


Download Instructions: EKIN


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