Barcode Knight v1.62 Mod Apk Android (Hack Money)

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Barcode Knight v1.62 Mod Apk Android (Hack Money) the world  can be   intended   by  magic powers,  \’m  peaceful  AS WELL AS  beautiful, but  your current  power  of  evil hit  your own  world,  your own  land became empty  ALONG WITH  useless  AS WELL AS   turned on  infesting  with  monsters. Barcodians  which  livelihoods  tend to be  under threat  feel  decided  in order to  hunt monsters  for   a great  living.  after that   solitary  day, they found  a good  portal  to be able to   an  dungeon  AND ALSO   made   a good   The city   In regards to the  portal.

Barcode Knight v1.62 Mod Apk Android (Hack Money)

60 different types of monsters
The growing town with the Knight
Powerful enchanted items
Avatar system : Possible to create half a million different hero styles
Mercenary system : Fight with a mercenary against monsters
Forge system : Upgrade and enchant your items at the Forges


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