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Be a car designer, creator and manufacturer in this car factory & maker simulator game for crazy mechanics. Best car show room is now opened in your city and they are providing professional services to make and repair your dream cars. In this workshop you can make customized vehicles of different models and designs. If you like sports car you can make one in this best car maker game. Little car repairman get ready to use your expert car builder skills to assemble new shinny cars.
Join car body parts and engine to rebuild it. Assemble the whole car elegantly to avoid any damages on car body or paint. Garage wars are going on, to compete you need to provide best services using modern tools and machines. This car maker game is extreme fun for car care and wash games lovers.
Assemble Parts
First build the doors, windows and side mirrors on the assembly line. Use totally automated machinery to avoid any fitting problem. Now assemble the tyres from different type of tires like sports car tires and normal tires.
Fix the Engine in the Car
Now drag the engine on the assembly line and adjust it in the car. Fix the engine using ranch and other modern tools and equipments. Change the engine oil and make the engine work properly.
Paint & Polish the Auto Vehicle
Select the best color and paint it over the car through auto paint machine. Use best possible paint colors and make car look awesome and super cool. Now move the car through the polish assembly line and give it shinny look.
Car Testing
Examine the car before it leaves the factory for car shop. Examine the car like an auto doctor and fix all the damages. This crazy car salon spa game is best for kids who like washing and repairing games.
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