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Download Free Melhores Jogos para Android da Semana #7 de 2016.

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Download Free Melhores Jogos para Android da Semana #7 de 2016.. Good Afternoon folks, today AndroidYes webste will share to you cool apk android. You may Download Free Melhores Jogos para Android da Semana #7 de 2016. right after it


Check the main games released, updated or discovered this week, with new emphasis on the release of games Pokémon GO and Titan Quest.

Previous Week:

Best Android Games of the Week # 6, 2016.

Pokémon GO (Free)

 Pokémon GO: captura de tela  Pokémon GO: captura de tela

Pokémon GO is an online game where you play with your smartphone (Android and iOS). It must be connected to the internet and allow the game app has access to your location. The game creates a scene from GPS data and spreads the same, several items to the player collect and interact. It is a disputed game globally, with interactions literally anywhere on the planet.

Link Playstore

Size 58M

Requires Android 4.4 or higher

Titan Quest (R $ 24.99)

 Titan Quest: captura de tela

Forged in the heat of PC Gamers, Titan Quest is that typical classic RPG which is always a pleasure to play. The game of Iron Lore Entertainment resembles Diablo, but puts his narrative in Ancient Greece. Defeat mythological creatures in this addictive game and completely offline and without embedded shopping. first launched on iOS, the game arrived this week to Android.


 FINAL FANTASY VII: captura de tela

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most memorable RPGs in video game history. Originally released for the PlayStation One in 1997, this epic from Square Enix has finally come to Android (R $ 57.99). It is not the first time the series arrives on smartphones because the game had already been released for iOS in August 2015.

LEGO® City My City 2 (Free)

LEGO City My City 2 is an action game suitable for children of all ages. Play cart, boat or helicopter in the company of LEGO characters in a fun game for Android and iOS. OFFLINE, no ads and no built-in shopping, LEGO City My City 2 is the kind of game that respects both the child and her parents.

HIT (Free)

 HIT: captura de tela

Heroes of The Incredible Tales (HIT) has just arrived in app stores in Brazil and with versions for Android and iOS. The game using the Unreal engine 4 is in English and available for a wide range of devices. With sensational graphics and outstanding gameplay, HIT is one of the major releases of 2016.

Thanks for your Time folks, today AndroidYes webste hoping that that share on Melhores Jogos para Android da Semana #7 de 2016. apk android is useful for all of you folks.

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