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Download SoftKeyZ Root v14.9.9 APK

Download SoftKeyZ Root v14.9.9 APK This coating will let you happening the Softkeys / Navigation Buttons fixed and easily on your nonmoving Humanoid gimmick. This descriptor app comes with more than 150+ various softkeys to opt from and the maturation online database proivides flush writer user-submitted ones. If you got many steering buttons you would similar to see in this app meet upload them to the room. Until I’ve other them, you can honorable use the intend dimension for these flossy keys. This utilisation needs structure and “busybox” to be installed on non-nexus ROMs. This app give NOT overwrite your practical themes, or enable the work buttons on devices without

identified problems:
-Sometimes your wallpaper can set itself.
-The app is not agreeable with most non-AOSP supported ROMs
-Especially not excavation on the LG G3.

-works great on Linkage devices and most Motorola devices!
WARNING: This app modifies group files and should only be used with a flashable part of your prevailing ROM on your emblem. The developer is not liable for any restitution.

Jan 7, 2015

What’s New
This app resign has any very beta changes!
Type 14.9.9:
-Random fc steady!
-Some peanut program changes
-SoftKeyZ should dynamically discover where the drawables it needs are, instead of guessing
-touch effects handicapped on Lolipop (unachievable to implement)
-Mechanism behind soul importing redone
-This app testament *currently not* transform on the HTC One M8
-In framing you play problems on Lolipop, use app “SE Unix Style Mortal” and set it to lenient.
-Feel free to send me an telecommunicate !

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