Wallpaper Wizardrii Pro v1.0.1.1 APK Android

WW cannot take small images and make them larger without it being pixalated. Depixalated algorithms are not implemented. If you have any issues you can always rollback to an earlier release that worked for you by: Menu->Preference->Rollback and download that version and install it.

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What’s New
This is the Pro Version with no Ads.
Please try the free version before purchasing
Remove the free version and reboot before installing, thank you.
——— – Please turn on debug in preferences and e-mail from preferences if you are having issues – turn off when done
* Long Select image select Navigate to Gallery position
* Ability to display notifications within preferences
* Fix some Image gallery scrolling issues
* Fixed some Play store reported issues

This app has no advertisements

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Wallpaper Wizardrii™ Pro v1.0.1.1.apk –  1.2 MB

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