Download DiskInfo PRO v4.7.1 Apk

DiskInfo PRO v4.7.1 Apk DiskInfo is a unique app that lists all partitions and all mount points on you device. It shows disk usage and very detailed partition and storage information. It also displays total and free memory (RAM) and Swap (e.g. zRam).

DiskInfo PRO v4.7.1 Apkmounted in addition to unmounted partitions, device-mapper / loop partitions, LVM partitions (DiskInfo PRO) momentary support points For every partition, you possibly can display these details: overall measurement, utilized in addition to totally free living space, partition brand, partition alias, partition form, partition variety, device brand in addition to form, prohibit measurement, mounted file technique form, support trails, support form (ro/rw), reasonable level collection in addition to qualities (DiskInfo PRO), dealer in addition to model regarding UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS products (DiskInfo PRO).


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