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Automagic Automation v1.26.0 Apk Android

Automagic Automation Apk allows you to automate your Android device with flow charts.

Key Features:

  • Change settings depending on location
  • Send every SMS as a mail to Gmail
  • Automatic reply to an incoming SMS
  • Turn off WiFi when the battery is almost empty
  • Turn off WiFi when you leave your home, turn WiFi on when you arrive at home
  • Make weekly backup of files
  • Flows can be defined graphically like a flow chart
  • Live view of executing flows
  • Flows can be exchanged with other users by mail and forum
  • Triggers conditions, actions can be reused in different flows
  • Complex flows with parallel actions and loops are possible

What’s New in v1.26.0 Apk

  • New Triggers as GPS Status event, Interruptions mode
  • New conditions
  • New actions as Init variable next alarm, set interruptions mode (Without Root, Android 5)

Automagic Automation v1.26.0 Apk

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