Multiwindow Dialer + v1.35.10.6 APK Android

This app is also designed for samsung devices that support samsung’s multiwindow feature (as galaxy s4, s3, note, note 2, note 3…). In some samsung devices you cannot use thedialer in multiwindow mode. With this app you can use the dialer and another app (like browser, playstore, etc…) at the same time! Thanks to the adaptive ui feature, when you are in multiwndow mode the interface change for improve comfort!

Attention: when you make a call you must use the standard interface. Is impossible to replace it (without root). Is a the way used by system for fired calls. You can see it when push the phone icon in every dialer app. Usually this interface doesn’t support multiwindow, so this dialer work in multiwindow, but when you starting a call, you’ll see the interface in fullscreen. Unfortunatly I cannot do anything for this, is not an issue.

What is samsung multiwindow? It is a great feature for multitasking. Through this, you can split screen in two parts, in order to use 2 apps at the same time! for enable it (depends if your device has this feature) you must check the
toggle “multiwindow”, then push and hold back button. You’ll see a sidebar that contains all the app that support multiwindow mode. Drag and drop 2 apps from this to the screen and enjoy multitasking!

Permission explanation:
– Call & read phone state: for making calls;
– Read contacts & read call log: for contacts and call log;
– Write call log & write contacts: for delete calls and modify contacts (is required in some devices);
– Vibration: used when push a button;
– Modify audio settings: for make a call with speaker on;
– for samsung multiwindow on 4.4+ devices.

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Multiwindow Dialer + v1.35.10.6.apk –  1.3 MB

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