Download Nights Keeper PRO v2.6.0 Apk

Nights Keeper PRO v2.6.0 Apk Nights Keeper blocks all calls, but “white list” contacts will be able to go through. You can specify separate contacts or groups in your exceptions list. You can create several profiles for different week days and time. In addition to the night profile, you can create the day profile too. It’s important for those who work at night or like to take a nap afternoon. If you work by shifts app has solution for you as well.

Nights Keeper PRO v2.6.0 ApkIf you decided to take in a movie or have important meeting, you can use «Don’t disturb» profile that can be managed by home screen widget. App can automatically send SMS notification to the blocked caller just to let him know that you are ok.


Download Instructions: PRO features Unlocked

Nights Keeper (do not disturb) PRO v2.6.0.apk –  1.1 MB

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