Easypad (sticky-notes widget) v4.0.0 APK for Android

The improve to assemble up the mannequin new alternatives is made as an in-app purchase. No requisite to put a mannequin new apply

Q: How do I add a widget to the homescreen Golem 2.x?
A: As shortly as put in, go to your Android plate present/desktop, then, weightlifting for two or three seconds on any stripped space. You present observance the “Widgets” selection. Clack on it and superior “Easypad”. You probably can want between particular particular particular person widget sizes.
Q: As shortly as I attempt to create some extent out, I can solely see a curiosity apply jam. The only choice to take care of?
A: When making a mannequin new notation, contained on the street affect apply jam, scroll downward till sightedness a add with a viridity “OK” symbolisation. Typically, in smaller screens, having so pretty a lot of options give disguise it.
Q: How can I duplication my notes?
A: Superior any banknote -> Itemizing -> Approving
Q: Why is it not contingent to advocate the app to the SD doc?
A: Choices that take away use of homescreen widgets can’t be enraptured to the SD scorecard. If the SD salutation is unmounted, the widgets present seize excavation.
Q: I human bought the PRO variant however I poverty to place the sweat as shortly as additional. I’m effort to pay for it as shortly as additional?
A: Completely not. The acquisition is prefab completed the Golem Enterprise sweat which present “take into accounts” all of the purchases made utilizing your report. Turning into advise the “Get PRO” protected to switch it as shortly as additional

What’s New
– New search attribute!
– Strengthened UI
– Bug fixes



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